Our business

Bisbee is an owner-managed carpet specialist shop with two generations under one roof.

Especially here, not all carpets are the same.
Hand-knotted carpets are available in an almost unimaginable variety.
Whether classic, antique or modern. International design, single-coloured, geometric or playfully patterned, made of wool or silk, bisbee carpets give your environment peace, comfort, elegance and colour.

In addition to pile carpets, there are also a large number of flat-woven carpets, the so-called kilims.
For centuries they were made for own use in their areas of originas blanket, transport bag, pillow and filled equally tasks as part of an ancient tradition and cultural identity.
For us today they are a real handicraft product and art object in one.

Buying a carpet or kilim is an investment in daily quality of life.
Over 30 years of building up an extraordinary collection of carpets and kilims offers a wide range of furnishings, decorations, equipment and collections. We support and accompany orientation and decision-making, visit and advise at home, determine needs and possibilities.
This also includes custom-made solutions.